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After Building: 10 Luxury Design Tips

The following is a guest post by Meridith Baer, Founder and CEO of Meridith Baer Home, our Strategic Partner.

If you're building a custom home, you value luxury. A house built just for you allows the luxury of deciding every detail of your architecture and appliances. And using a concierge service to help you through the process is even more luxurious, sparing you the hassles and problems of managing your own construction. Home-Build Concierge, Inc. is the best in the business. And once their job is done, you have a new house that's all yours. But it's still not a home. What makes a house a home? Furnishings. Without furnishings, a property is an empty shell. Furniture, art, lighting, and rugs transform a new empty house into a warm, inviting home. Interior design is the final piece of your home build. So how do you furnish your home so its interiors look as luxurious as its architecture? Here are 10 luxury design tips from interior design and home staging expert Meridith Baer: 1. Make white your foundation. From paint to sofas, white is the ideal clean canvas. It's clean, versatile, and luxurious. Always start with white. 2. Take a lesson from hotel bathrooms. Keep your counter as free of products as possible, featuring only rolled up white towels and gorgeous glass jars of swabs and cotton balls. 3. Add a bedroom seating area. If you have the space, place an upholstered bench or chair and a side table in a corner. It makes the room look larger and more high-end.

4. Style your coffee table. Start with something large in the middle, like a beautiful orchid or a unique handcrafted bowl. Then build out from there, with stacks of art books, candles, and small sculpture or pottery. 5. Layer your lighting. For maximum ambience, place floor and table lamps at different heights around the room. It keeps your lighting soft and romantic. 6. Elegant, not sterile. Live in your luxury home! Place a throw on the sofa. In the living room, open an art book on your coffee table to a beautiful photograph, and turn the page every few days. 7. Warm up your kitchen. Place a large, gorgeous cookbook on the counter and open it to a favorite recipe. It makes your kitchen yummy! 8. Your front door introduces your home. Paint your front door an unexpected color, or distress the wood for texture. A custom home should make a custom first impression.

9. Maximize your vertical space. To create an illusion of a taller ceiling or larger windows, hang curtains from as high up as possible! 10. Curate your bookshelves. De-clutter, then group books neatly by height or common binding. Add accessories, also grouped visually by size, type, or color. Congratulations on your new custom luxury home!

Meridith Baer is the founder of Meridith Baer Home, the world's largest home staging firm. Specializing in high end luxury properties, MBH also provides luxury furniture leasing and private interior design services worldwide. Please visit for more information.

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