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Rami Dalal

Founder and

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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68 Holdings

68 Holdings was born of a vision since 1968 as a collection of bespoke companies that serve the needs of home, business, and life.

Ask Rami Dalal about a TV advertising jingle from a major brand in 1978, and he is likely to sing it for you with all the words. Starting from a young age, he realized his talents and passion for marketing and it's associated disciplines. 


His formal education earned him honors in his studies of Consumer Economics and Marketing, which then led to his pursuit of a PhD in Consumer Law. Realizing his missed passion for marketing, he began his career as a product marketing professional, where he mastered his partner marketing, product development, communications, and technology innovation and marketing skills for leading companies like MCI Telecommunications, America Online, and other industry leaders where he led marketing functions for revolutionary products like 1-800 MUSIC NOW, AOL Classifieds, etc. 


He developed his B2C and B2B marketing skills throughout his stellar career, learning and mastering new skills along the way, ultimately earning him leadership roles in large in-house agencies for companies like Booz Allen Hamilton, Howrey, and Freddie Mac. Rami is a marketing and real estate entrepreneur, a leader and architect of organizational change and operational transformation, an artist, who builds highly functional and efficient marketing and creative teams with proven results. He has clear visions of products and services that revolutionize their space. 


With nearly 30 years of experience in marketing communications, change management, product marketing, development and management, Rami effectively leads the operations of creative organizations. The diversity of his progressive experience also covers an array of industries including Real Estate, Telecommunications, Internet, Music, eCommerce, Legal, Professional Services, Financial Services, Government, and Technology industries. 

In 2002, Rami started a boutique marketing consulting company, Dalal Enterprises, with operations in the Washington, DC metro and Fort Lauderdale, FL. In 2016, the newly expanded and rebranded CMO Within Reach was born to leverage the tremendous marketing network and know-how to deliver marketing expertise and a Chief Marketing Officer within reach to our clients nationwide. 


Having had the benefit of experience in global marketing organizations, Rami learned that despite their immense importance to the success of most organzations, marketing functions are often mistakenly perceived by corporate leadership as easily dispensible in times of budget cutting. He is a strong advocate of pragmatic, skilled marketing, but believes that organizations' marketing needs are dynamic. Though there is no substitute for experienced, innovative marketing leadership through a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), most organizations cannot afford to engage one full-time. According to industry reports, the days of the purely strategic CMO are gone -- a CMO must now be actively involved in many aspects of marketing. This notion has led Rami Dalal to develop his marketing consultancy with an emphasis on practical, expert marketing services on an as-needed, accessible basis – a CMO Within Reach, as offered at 68 Advisors.

68 Advisors has provided marketing strategy and web consulting services to leading brands since 2002, including Fortune 100 clients, leading business and consumer brands, non-profits, and industry leaders in various sectors. With nearly 30 years of experience, our team provides consulting services specializing in business strategy, operations, change management, marketing, PR, corporate branding, communications, web strategy, social media, SEO, and creative design services. 

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to also founding Home-Build Concierge, Inc. in 2015.  Starting with his very first home, when he was in his mid-twenties, Rami Dalal learned quickly that when you build a new home, you should build it for your specific needs and decorate it with your sense of style. When the time came to sell that house, Rami realized that a well-built, unique house with well thought-out decor commands a much higher price than the "market price". That's when his passion for creating beautiful homes started. Since then, Rami’s work in custom homes has also raised the bar for communities throughout the nation’s capital, consistently resulting in record-setting increases in community home values. His success and love of managing custom home projects and renovations could no longer be contained and fulfilled with personal home projects. When his friends and family would question his very frequent moves, he explained that when you're good at what you love to do, it is not stressful -- it is fun. He is excited to now share that skill and passion with his clients through his innovative Home-Build Concierge services at 68 Homes.  

68 Holdings is the parent company of these and other exciting and innovative brands. The company was born of a vision since 1968 as a collection of bespoke companies that serve the needs of home, business, and life. 

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