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Why You Need Home-Build Concierge Services from 68 Homes

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Why A Concierge?

Because building a home may be your largest ever purchase and project. The expert guidance and support of a Home-Build Concierge can make the difference between rough waters and smooth sailing.


Do you want a custom home, but don’t know where to start?

You may not build a house every day, but we do. We know what to do, and when and how to do it.

  • We can help assemble your home-build team, from lenders to contractors to interior designers.

  • We can act as your liaison with your team so you don't become buried in technical details.

  • We can coordinate your construction or renovation project so timelines and budgets stay on track.

  • We can advise you about permits and regulations so your home is safe and above-board.


Do you have a client who can’t find the right home?

  • We can help you sell your client a vacant lot or tear-down for a custom home-build or renovation.

  • We can educate your client on the home-build process so they can be better informed about whether to keep shopping real estate listings or build new.

  • We can connect your client with trusted home service and design professionals.

  • We can offer staging tips or bring in our professional staging partner to help your client sell their current property.

Builders and Developers

Are you working with a challenging home-build client?

  • We can act as your client's representative, making sure communication between you is always quick and clear.

  • We can help explain technical concepts to your client, reducing change orders and errors.

  • We can encourage your client to consider upgrades and enhanced options, if they’re right for them.

  • We can connect you with professional home stagers with proven track records selling properties quickly and for higher prices.


Concierge services exist in many aspects of life – from travel to healthcare. A concierge ensures we have the best experience in our cherished endeavors when we just don’t have enough time or know-how to get it done just right. When embarking on an unfamiliar journey – whether traveling to a new city or building a home, it is wise to rely on the “personal assistant” approach of a concierge whose job it is to look out for us on this journey.

When consumers consider the notion of building a custom home after an exhaustive search for the “perfect house”, they feel overwhelmed by details and anxious about potential problems. We take the stress out of your project by advising on key decisions, coordinating your construction team, and helping keep budgets and timelines on track. The result? A home that’s uniquely yours, without the tensions and troubles of managing the process yourself.

Homeowners are often told and mistakenly believe that managing the building process is completely the builder’s or designer's job. Builders’ Project Managers often oversee construction of many homes simultaneously, and depend on the subcontractors to follow and execute plans. That doesn’t always happen with the volumes they manage. Their first priority is the builder for whom they work.

At 68 Homes, our Home-Build Concierge experts work with you from planning to move-in, managing your construction or renovation process and making sure your new home turns out exactly how you envisioned. 

We turn even a production home experience into a custom build. Our full service approach helps to coordinate the work of the builder, designer, project manager, and the owner. Though we work for the buyer, builders love working with us because we are an asset to them. We save builders time and money, and help them turn out homes faster since we reduce change orders and errors.

Most people simply don’t have the time to properly manage a new house build or do a major renovation. That’s why you really need a Home-Build Concierge. Our team knows the questions to ask and how to avoid issues. We're happy to help with as much or little as you need; and we have pricing structures designed to suit any budget or scope of work. 

Believe it or not, it is actually fun to build a custom home or do a renovation if you know what you’re doing.  Let us help you in managing the process.  Contact us today to get started.  Let's interview each other to see if we can work together. 

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