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What can one say about "Gertie"? She's adorable.  

"Gertie the Goat" is part of a series. This is #1 in the series. 

Gertie the Goat was inspired by the Victorian portraits of stuffy old ladies in the museums. When I look at them, I admire the artwork, but am curious about why these "ladies" have portraits painted of them. Why is a cute goat not the subject of a formal portrait? So, I went and painted a portrait of a goat and named her Gertie. Her smile is a bit Mona-Lisa-ish. No?  

The frame takes the formal portrait to the next level.  

She's always a conversation starter.


Artist: Rami Dalal

Painting: Oil on Canvas 

Year: 2014

Size: 19 W x 20 H x 3 D in

Location: USA

Gertie the Goat

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