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A Hyperlink In Print

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When QR Codes were first introduced into the mainstream, marketers were very excited about them. They were being used in advertising, print media, etc. As quickly as they arrived on the scene, they became passé. Or so marketers were told.

However, people continue to print brochures and design print advertising that includes long URLs to link users to websites that contain relevant information. Why? If you were sending someone an email, you would just include a link that says something like, "to learn more, click here". Unfortunately, that doesn't work well in print. However, a QR Code can take the place of a hyperlink in print.

The reality is, people do not put their smartphones and computers down long enough to have a conversation. Why would they read a brochure and then go to a computer and type in the sometimes complex URL? Give them a QR Code, and let them just scan it and go to the website for all the information they want and more. Of course, you may still want to include the URL in addition to the QR Code for users who don't know to scan the QR Code or have a scanner handy.

CMO Within Reach

You can even make them artistic and embed logos or other images in the QR Code. There are several websites online that allow you to do just that.

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Just remember one of my favorite quotes, "everyone almost all the time is almost always wrong." So, while other marketers may be shying away from the not-so-new QR Code, feel free to use it to convey additional information. It's a lot simpler than providing a complex URL or, worse yet, a ton of fine print to make your point. QR Codes can link to websites, PDF documents, images, social media sites, etc. They're ideal for print brochures, fliers, signs, advertising, and anything you can imagine.

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