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No thanks, but can I have some more?

Can I have some more?

Having done this for so many years, I'm used to this situation, but I wanted to share this story for those who ask, "do I need a Home-Build Concierge?".

Recently, a friend of a friend (let's call him Andy to protect the innocent) went on a home buying quest. Like many busy professionals, Andy knows what he wants but doesn’t have time to make it happen. After asking him a series of questions, I helped Andy to realize that he did not want to build a custom home – he actually wanted to renovate an existing property to make it his own. He knew where he wanted his home to be and how much he wanted to spend, but beyond that, he didn’t have time to do the legwork. So, I gladly introduced him to a trusted Realtor with whom I’ve worked over the years on many transactions. Andy was now in good hands and well on his way to making his dream home a reality.

What followed should not come as a surprise to all my friends who are doctors, lawyers, designers, etc. who are asked for guidance and (free) advice by acquaintances, friends, and family.

Andy asked me to help him narrow down the property listings, provide design considerations, features, etc. Then he asked me for recommendations on flooring suppliers/installers, closet designers, movers, etc. I gladly helped him out.

By chance, Andy learned about my professional life as The Home-Build Concierge. When I explained our available services to him, he asked, “Isn’t that what a builder does?”. I went on to explain that builders often do have what they call “project management” services, but that they are focused on managing their own contractors and schedules. They are not there to represent the homeowner, make recommendations on their selections, home features, etc. or to coordinate installations and manage the homeowner’s contractors. I explained all the facts listed on our FAQ and Services pages. Unconvinced, Andy was “not interested” in Home-Build Concierge services and proceeded with his home search and found his soon-to-be dream home.

After his contract was accepted by the seller, Andy reached out to me again to get more recommendations on faucets, flooring selections, security system options, inspectors, etc. Once he realized what he was actually asking and how little time and subject-matter knowledge he had, Andy engaged The Home-Build Concierge to make his dream home a reality.

The story has a happy ending. Andy is now enjoying his new home. During the renovation process, we minimized the impact on his precious time while getting answers to his questions and managing the process for him. Andy got to enjoy the process without the hassle. Really!

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